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Topic1: Introduction- Proactivity vs. Risk in HCP Interactions

Each week or so on Medical Affairs Focus we identify a topic of interest to MA leaders and share a series of short posts on the topic. 

This week’s topic is Proactivity versus Risk in HCP Interactions.  For the purpose of this discussion, we will use the US regulatory regime.  This is a topic that has increasingly been important to my clients as they attempt to chart a course for their field outreach teams. The degree of acceptable proactivity is directly tied to the value that the field team brings to the organization (which will be a topic for another week).  As organizations grow more risk averse, they are increasingly ratcheting back the proactivity of their field outreach.  We’ll discuss the following:

As always, please add your experience and questions in the comments.

Legal Note:  All information and interpretations presented are only the opinion of the author(s) who are not lawyers. And, even if we were lawyers, given the wide range of interpretations of the current regulations you would still need to get the input from your own compliance organization.  Simply put – your mileage may vary.


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